NCF Groups

Policy Groups

We provide an umbrella for policy groups to channel our independent consumer voice in areas of priority to our members and associates. We build the expertise to provide evidence-based, sound analysis on key policy issues. For example, NCF groups have dealt with legislation and related issues in the areas of food and fairness in finance. These groups respond to national consultations and contribute to our independent thinking.

National consultations, and bodies that need expert consumer advice, are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit volunteers or achieve responses to consultations from consumers. NCF policy groups provide a mechanism to develop consensus views on influential policy issues.

We are looking to build new teams of consumers to influence Government, regulators and businesses

and ensure that our consumer rights are fully protected.

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Local Groups

The NCF used to provide an umbrella for over 100 local consumer groups but now we mostly co-operate remotely.

The only active group left is the Plymouth Consumer Group but we will support anyone interested in establishing a local consumer group. Read our history to see what we and these groups have worked on in the past.

If you are interested in starting a local group, please contact us.