Starting a Grassroots Group

Grassroot consumer groups are where the NCF started.  Several years ago there were dozens of local consumer groups who got together to campaign and improve local shops and facilities.  Through affiliation to the NCF local concerns were funneled up to national level and informed NCF consumer congresses and campaigning.

Most of these consumer groups work online now and have developed to represent single issue or single company online fora.  But there may still be local issues that prompt people to get together, either to pool information or to campaign for change.

Although written in 2011, the NCF Grassroots Guide sets out some of the practical steps a local group might want to think about when it’s starting out.

If you have experiences which would be useful to others – examples of successful campaigns or particularly good use of social media – then tell us about them.

Check the Guide out in our library under the main heading About NCF.

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