Key Publications

Congress Papers and Reports:

PDF icon NCF Congress Report 2020_Zero Carbon Home

PDF icon NCF Interim Report from Digital Workshop 18 June 2019

PDF icon NCF Consumer Congress Report May 2018

PDF icon NCF Congress 2017 report

PDF icon NCF Congress 2017 The Consumer Voice on Brexit summary report

PDF icon NCF Enforcement Congress Report 5.12.17

NCF speaks to Government and Regulators:

PDF icon Letter to International Trade Minister on UK-US Trade Talks

PDF icon NCF Briefing paper – UK USA Trade Talks Standards issues

PDF icon Consumer Charter for Regulators

PDF icon Revision of the Regulators Code Press Release 20 May 2019

PDF icon NCF Proposals for revision of the BEIS Regulators Code (2014) – April 2019

NCF Research Reports:

PDF icon NCF BSI CPIN view Consumer Digital Protection law UK 3 May 2018

PDF icon NCF Consumer Congress Enforcement report – December 2017

Consultation Responses:

PDF icon NCF Response to Online Harms Consultation June 2019

PDF icon NCF Response to the Consumer Green Paper – July 2018

PDF icon NCF reply to CMA July 2014 Consultation

NCF and Europe:

PDF icon NCF Consumer Report Brexit and Beyond – May 2018

PDF icon NCF view Consumers and the Economy 3 May 2018

PDF icon Brexit Regulation and Regulators – August 2017