For All Manifestos: Put Consumers At the Heart of Policy

What would you like to see from the next Government? Here are some initial thoughts from Exec Committee member Pete Eiseneggar. Feel free to tell us your own pet priorities.

Consumer Minister

With consumer expenditure at 66% of the UK GDP and the public consuming up to a further 20% of the GDP in public services, any new government needs to place consumers at the heart of domestic policy with a Consumer  Minister cabinet post.

Strengthened Enforcement of Strong Laws NB New Technologies and net Zero Carbon

Consumer protection law, regulation and enforcement must be maintained and also strengthened especially where new technologies impact consumers and where consumers are involved in  meeting the net zero carbon challenge.

Back to the Early 21st Century

Consumer protection is ineffective without strong  enforcement  and the resourcing of enforcement agencies should be restored to the enforcement resource allocation proportions of the early 21st century for high, medium and low risk goods and services providers.


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