Working Together at Congress

What is Consumer Congress?

The NCF calls a Consumer Congress  when it feels that there is sufficient interest and opportunity to influence a major consumer issue. We bring consumer volunteers, businesses, government representatives, regulators and other interested organisations together to discuss the issues on a large scale and agree follow-up actions.

Funding Congress

For many years, before the National Consumer Council (NCC) was closed down, Consumer Congress was independently funded by Government through the NCC.

The NCF revived Consumer Congress in 2009 with sponsorship from public and private sector organisations. The 2009 Congress considered “Consumers and the Credit Crunch” resulting in a Consumer Manifesto to the political parties at the time of the 2010 election. Other key events covered the changing consumer landscape; and a 2012 workshop that resulted in a Consumer Charter for Regulators recognising that there is significant scope for regulators to improve their performance for the consumers they serve.

We have held three Congresses in 2017/18 on what seemed to us to be the important issues of the day. You can see reports on all these events under the main heading Congress.

We continue to drive forward the consumer movement today, working together in the Congress to develop policies and take action afterwards.