Vulnerable Consumers

Speaking up for vulnerable consumers

All consumers are different. Our ability to deal with certain transactions or communications can vary from person to person, and from day to day.  Anyone can be vulnerable at any time. Consumer vulnerability can be caused by a variety of factors, such as illness, disability, or a change in personal circumstances such as bereavement.

Consumers in vulnerable circumstances might make incorrect or inappropriate decisions leading to financial loss, exploitation or other detriment. For example, they might be unfairly denied access to a product or service that they want, or end up with something that is unsuitable for their needs.

The NCF speaks up for all consumers, but particularly those who may be vulnerable due to age, disability, health or circumstance.

We want to stamp out unfair and inflexible practices that exacerbate problems, and lead to detriment, for vulnerable consumers.  For example, poor accessibility and communications, unclear terms and conditions, misuse of personal information, unfair targeting and abuse of market dominance.