How we work

The NCF is an association of individual consumers, representatives from consumer groups, and experts, who work together to make things better for consumers.

We work at policy level, and do not have the resources to deal with individual complaints. Organisations such as Citizens’ Advice and Trading Standards exist to offer help and advice on specific cases.

As consumer representatives we need to ensure that consumer interests are not confused with those of business or other influences. We aim to bridge what is sometimes seen as a divide between providers and consumers, pointing out what works well for consumers, what could be improved, offering potential solutions and advice on how best to protect consumers.

Get involved

You can get involved by helping to organise a new consumer group in your area, joining an existing group or becoming a consumer representative on bodies that invite consumer representation.

For more information about becoming a consumer representative, read our guide to Speaking Up.

If you are interested in setting up, or developing, a group our Grassroots Group Guide gives you the information you need.

If you would like to know more about getting involved, please get in touch